Introducing Guild.Finance

What is Guild Finance?

Guild Finance is a DeFi gaming ecosystem that has aimed focus the shift of the Gaming, Streaming and NFT industries into blockchain. It combines blockchain and ideal protocols to establish a perfect network for Crypto Investors, NFT collectors and Gamers alike.


Crypto collectibles started much like trading cards, but they were always thought to have much more potential than your traditional sports cards or Pokemon cards that you must find, grade, and trade. The Use-case for NFTs has always been one that has remained untapped aside for the outliers (crypto kitties in 2017).

Guild Finance in 11 Key Points:

  1. Rare Limited NFT generation, airdrops, and buybacks
  2. A deflationary economy with an automatic-liquidity pool generated from a meta-market-making mechanism that adds a percentage of every purchase or transfer into the available liquidity
  3. Gamification through tiered staking and ability to create guilds, challenge guilds using collateral based initiatives
  4. Platform Profit sharing amongst Guild leaders
  5. Partnerships with high-profile streamers
  6. Proof of Play (PoP) where gamers can earn xGUILD with a seamless integration of their gaming account and their staked GUILD tokens
  7. Hosted gaming tournaments with NFT, ETH, and GUILD rewards
  8. Token forks and Airdrops based on Guild expansion
  9. Non-Fungible Token Marketplace and trading protocol: Platform for trading all NFT assets, transaction fees will buyback and burn GUILD
  10. NFT Currency is xGUILD which is earned by staking GUILD
  11. Migration to Polkadot Substrate Blockchain and Moonbeam parachain in Q1 2021

GUILD Economics


Token: $GUILD
Token Contract Address: TBD
Total Supply: 30,000
Type: ERC-20

Token Structure

60% — Pre-sale
15% — Uniswap Liquidity
5% —Marketing
10% — Team Funds*
10% — GUILD Gaming Vault

Token Model Part I: Revenue Sharing

The value of the GUILD token will be directly driven by the utilization is and the cashflow generated by the NFT marketplace, total marketcaps of NFTs, speculation, economies of scale amount of users utilizing the Proof of Play (PoP) mechanism.

Token Model Part II: Meta-Market Making automatic-liquidity pool

A constant issue that projects have faced when listing on Uniswap or DEX equivalents is the liquidity and risk of “rugpool”. This is why GUILD Finance has adopted and implemented an automatic-liquidity pool generated from a meta-market-making mechanism that adds a percentage of every purchase or transfer into the available liquidity.


Migration to Polkadot’s Moonbeam

Starting in Q1 of 2021, GUILD has made the decision to migrate to the Polkadot substrate blockchain as we seek to move further with PoP and the necessity of interoperability across chains and the oracles that will be utilized.


The details regarding our future presale will be released in due course. As of today, the following information can already be disclosed about the future GUILD presale:

  • Presale starts on 11.24.2020, 9:00 AM EST
  • Softcap: 400 ETH
  • Hardcap: 950 ETH
  • Presale base price: 1 ETH = 18.95 GUILD
  • Uniswap listing price: 1 ETH = 15 GUILD
  • *All unsold tokens will be burned